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We serve several assisted living communities in the Acres home area, connecting resources with those that really need it. As a senior citizen may sometimes feel left out. Their family may have gotten to busy building their own lives and the visits are fewer and farther between. Other causes dominate our attention. Acres of Angels is here to provide dignity and quality of life to our seniors.

Your Gift to us

You can help us by partnering with Acres of Angels. Every little gift that we receive from you will allow us to continue our programs such as lunches, entertainment, health and wellness, education, and many other things that we provide. we need your help because every senior deserves to enjoy a dignifies, pleasant and dignified life. We sincerly thank you for all that you do.

Born To Serve

Acres of Angels was birth in 2009, a vision from God for Edna Griggs to help His people.     We have acres of land and we Angels to do the work God called me to do. We, the Acres of Angels are the Angels that are  helping the community. After I wan given the vision and organization  was formed, we have not stopped.

Acres of Angels started with a Mari Gras party, because Edna was a Diabetic and wanted  to help children beat the disease part of the processed went to Texas Children Hospital

Later the worked with Seniors to help build self esteem and empower them to do better . The seniors play Bingo, share a meal and educate them on the needs of the community, Over 3000 Seniors living in 6 Seniors apartment complexes ,have received service from Acres of Angels. Edna and the Acres of Angels have also worked with children in the low income communities to help them build self esteem and teach them how to overcome the stigma in the communities in which the live..

Every year three main events are held. Women Empowerment Summit, Diabetes Walk and Senior Gala. Also during the Holiday Season Acres of Angels go to the nursing homes and provide a Holiday event.
Acres of Angels

Senior Gala

Acres of Angels

Diabetes Walk

Acres of Angels

Women’s Empowerment Summit